We love seeing wildlife around the farm and are keen to play our part in protecting and enhancing species in our area. We put some of our lands into particular habitat areas and always think about the impact our farm operations might be having on wildlife. We are keen to work with experts to ensure we are doing the best we can and have been working with Oakbank to help with wildlife.

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We provide food for birds in winter through planting special seeds in strips around our fields. Also, we spread extra seed on the ground during the lean winter months.

Bees and pollinators
We plant-specific mixtures of seeds and plants that bees and pollinators like. This helps boost their numbers. We rely on pollinators to pollinate our crops so need to ensure a healthy population.

All our watercourses are protected by grass strips which helps ensure any chemicals required in farming stay in the field and don’t escape into watercourses.

Grasses and wildflowers
Herbal rich grassland adds further biodiversity to our farm, both in plant species and enhancing and encouraging rich soil biodiversity and plenty of earthworms.

 Hedges and trees
Over 600 plants, 1,500 insects, 65 birds and 20 mammal species utilise UK hedgerow habitats. They are an essential habitat. We planted 800 metres of hedgerow in the past year and always looking for new stretches to plant. Trees are another fantastic habitat and also important for sequestering carbon. We have planted 200 trees since 2010.