About us

We are a family farm in Foxton, Cambridgeshire. We produce food, look after wildlife, protect our water and enhance our soils. We welcome walkers and campers at Meads Farm.

The land has been farmed by the Mead family since the 1920s. The business started with a milk and coal round based on 35 acres delivering produce to the local community. Since then, we’ve seen it all. Agriculture has changed a great deal from the horse-drawn plough to the high-tech innovative industry it is today.

Along the way, the Mead family have strived to be a step ahead, flexible, innovative and hard-working. We had cattle, pigs and a wide range of crops in the past. Today we farm arable crops with a small team, a wide range of machinery and a sharp eye on attention to detail.

Tom Mead

Tom Mead

Tom has been running the farm since 2007 with his father Peter. Before that Tom attended Agricultural College before going to work for Deal Farm for six years to kick off his agricultural career and gain experiences of different businesses. He ran a county council farm from 2013 to 2018 before becoming a partner at Meads Farm.

Tom is BASIS qualified, an alumnus of the Tesco Future Farmer Programme and became an AHDB Monitor Farmer in 2018. He has enjoyed the challenge and chance to scrutinise his business to ensure it is a fit for purpose family business with a focus on modern farming practice.

Tom is always keen to learn more and do things better. In 2020 Tom took part in the NFU’s Sugar Industry Programme.

Peter Mead

Peter Mead

Peter has grown, developed and driven forward Meads Farm since 1975.

He established farm practices’ with the times, maintaining good attention to detail and the best of traditional farming methods. The business has grown in size and output under Peter’s guidance.

Peter’s experience, alongside specialism in mechanics, means he and Tom make a great team.