Meads Farm

We are a family farm in Foxton, Cambridgeshire. We produce food, look after wildlife, protect our water and enhance our soils. We welcome walkers and campers at Meads Farm.

The land has been farmed by the Mead family since the 1920s. The business started with a milk and coal round on 35 acres, delivering produce to the local community. Since then, we’ve seen it all. Agriculture has changed a great deal from the horse-drawn plough to the high-tech innovative industry it is today.

Along the way, the Mead family have strived to be a step ahead, flexible, innovative and hard-working. We have had cattle, pigs and a wide range of crops in the past. Today we farm arable crops with a small team, a wide range of machinery and a sharp eye on attention to detail.


Our ethos at Meads Farm is very much around putting the right crop in the right field, using the right machinery, at the right time. Tom and Peter’s joint skillset provides a great mix of experience and confidence to enable this.

Working with nature and the weather are key factors when making any decision. We grow a wide range of crops with the focus on protecting our soils. We have embraced new technology and modern machinery, always with a keen eye on the benefits, the challenges and the cost-effectiveness.

Availability and booking

Our farm campsite is on the edge of Foxton village overlooking the lovely Cambridgeshire countryside. With direct road and rail to Cambridge, a lots of local attractions, and being a working farm, it makes for a perfect stop for a holiday or overnight stay.


We love seeing wildlife around the farm and are keen to play our part in protecting and enhancing species in our area. We put some of our lands into particular habitat areas and always think about the impact the farm operations might be having on wildlife. We are keen to work with experts to ensure we are doing the best we can and have been working with Oakbank to help with wildlife.

Visits and talks

AHDB Monitor Farm
Here at Meads Farm, we know there is always more to learn. With this in mind, we are an AHDB Monitor Farm working with other local farmers to find out how to improve crop productivity in a sustainable, resilient business.

Group Visits
We are occasionally able to host organised groups for tours and talks about the farm. We are keen to share and inform others about the food we grow. If that is of interest, please email us and we will be keen to help if we can.